Shot Efficiency or Die Trying

You often hear basketball analysts harp on how mid-range 2s have the lowest expected value. Well, Tony Wroten heard them and is taking it to the next level.

According to, this is Wroten through his first 3 games, compared to Tyson Chandler's career:

% of FGA by Distance FG% by Distance
Player G MP FG% Dist. 2P 0-3 3-10 10-16 16 <3 3P 2P 0-3 3-10 10-16 16 <3 3P
Tony Wroten 3 103 0.442 7.7 0.767 0.651 0.093 0.023 0 0.233 0.515 0.607 0 0 N/A 0.2
Tyson Chandler 848 24253 0.585 3.1 0.998 0.723 0.175 0.055 0.046 0.002 0.586 0.673 0.367 0.336 0.35 0

Wroten is attempting shots almost entirely at the rim and beyond the 3pt line. He registers a minuscule 11.6% in all other areas. (Even Tyson Chandler shoots more 2s away from the rim than Tony!!) The average distance away for his FGA is 7.7ft. He is also drawing fouls at an unbelievable 0.698 FTr. All of this means Wroten must be an offensive savant right? Well, not quite. The problem is that he's also shooting a grotesque 56.7% on all those FT and 20% on FG3, torpedoing his TS% to 50.7%. He also has a TOV% of 18.8% on 29.3% USG. Yikes.

Even so, his FG% at the rim is finally above league average, and his offense is entirely based on maximizing expected value. If he could improve either his FT or 3s, he'd be league average in TS%, an achievement that eludes most Sixers. Plus, if he played more under control and limited turnovers, he'd be a huge asset. But then again, as someone on Liberty Ballers pointed out, "Wroten under control isn't Wroten".

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