Philadelphia 76ers -- Saavy Trade Exception Generators

Traded Player exceptions are probably some of the most overlooked, and possibly misunderstood, salary cap tools in the NBA.

These exceptions are generated when a team participates in a trade in which they send out more salary than absorb. They're a one year "credit" for the team to use on other trades, in which they can absorb more salary than they send out. The generated credit amount is a direct 1:1 to the salary difference. This produces the concept of a "non-simultaneous trade" when the trade exception is produced then used later.

As one can imagine, these are quite powerful, particularly for teams who are over the salary cap but hungry for more impact players. This becomes even more influential when a non-guaranteed contract is traded away to create a trade exception.

Recently, the Sixers have been busy doing exactly this. With their bountiful cap space, they are temporarily using it to create trade exceptions for other teams with non-guaranteed contracts. Since these unwanted players can be waived without any financial repercussion, the Sixers preserve their long term cap and remain financially flexible. For their service, the Sixers get an asset back for themselves too. Below is an updated list of the trade exceptions they've created during the 2014/15 offseason, the trade pieces involved, and the value for each team.

Date Sixers' Outgoing Sixers' Incoming Team B Outgoing Incoming Trade Exception
8/26/2014 PHI 2015 2nd (Protected #31-55) $100,000 OKC Hasheem Thabeet 1,250,000.00
9/27/2014 PHI 2015 2nd (Protected #31-50, 56-50) CLE 2018 2nd CLE Keith Bogans 5,285,838.00
10/24/2014 Casper Ware SAC/MIL 2019 2nd BRK Marquis Teague 1,120,920.00


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